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Criminal Attorney

Criminal Attorney | Michael J. Sgarlat - Alexandria, VA

As human beings, we sometimes make mistakes or get involved with the wrong crowd. Now and then, we make a mistake that comes with greater repercussions than most and we need some serious help, such as a criminal attorney, to avoid being overly punished. If you got involved in circumstances that could result in severe legal punishment, hindering your future, or even resulting in serving time, you are need of a qualified criminal attorney that is dedicated to your unique and personal case.

Times like these can be terrifying and cause a tremendous amount of stress on you and your loved ones. Hiring the right criminal attorney can ease your concern and lift a great portion of the burden from your mind. Our talented and able criminal defense attorneys will relentlessly pursue the proper course of action and information necessary to provide you with the best criminal defense available in Alexandria, VA.

The law firm of Michael J. Sgarlat is thoroughly experienced in representing clients facing criminal accusations and charges in the Northern Virginia area. Those who have been wrongly accused or otherwise charged with criminal offenses can benefit greatly by acquiring our team of criminal attorneys, legal support and knowledge. The defense attorneys at your service will provide you with detailed counseling and advice as a result of tedious research and investigation in an effort to get the justice that you are entitled to.

Our relationships and regular contacts with private detectives, medical and forensic analysts, local police, and an abundance of credible experts allow us the best understanding of the case and your defense. Our knowledge of the Civil and Criminal Enforcement System puts our clients in a most favorable position that gives us countless advantages over the opposition. We carry a polished resume that includes, but is not limited to the following criminal cases:

• Drugs
• Crimes of a sexual nature
• White collar
• Juvenile offenses
• Grand Larceny
• Embezzlement
• Burglary
• Assault
• Battery
• All other misdemeanors and felonies

Don’t go to court unprepared; get the most qualified criminal attorneys in the Northern Virginia area. Call the law offices of Michael J. Sgarlat today and get a free consultation.

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