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Divorce Attorney

Divorce Attorney | Michael J. Sgarlat - Alexandria, VA

Going through a divorce can be an ugly situation to say the least. During the divorce procedure, legal matters have the tendency to become confusing and every move, discussion, and page of paperwork is crucial for the ultimate outcome. It would be absurd for you to be asked to set aside your emotions in this stressful time, which is precisely why you need legal experts in the complex realm of divorce law on your side.

The Michael J. Sgarlat law firm takes an oath to provide the best possible care of your finances, assets, and most importantly, your rights as a parent. We have the tools, resources and experience to offer our knowledgeable services in the cases of mediated, uncontested and collaborative divorce, making us the most qualified in the Northern Virginia area. You need a qualified divorce attorney that is ready to fight for you.

This is a difficult and emotional time regardless of who you are. Let one of our experienced divorce attorneys focus on the details and intricacies of the legal process so you can focus on moving forward. Entering a new chapter of life is much more exciting when you have the rights and time with your children that you have earned and deserve.

Your skilled divorce attorney is guaranteed to be highly experienced in:

• Filing
• Property distribution
• Custody negotiations
• Child support
• Prenuptial agreements
• Alimony
• Annulment of marriage
• Restitution of conjugal rights
• Criminal proceedings
• Domestic violence

We can relate to the emotional roller coaster of going through wearisome divorce court proceedings. That’s why your divorce attorney will gladly offer their services both in and out of court.

The history of divorce cases tells us that the majority of decisions go in favor of women. We are equipped with the education and experience on this matter to ensure that our clients get a fair and unbiased decision, regardless of their gender. It is all too frequent that men fail to receive the sympathy and understanding they deserve during a divorce trial. Let us team you up with a divorce attorney that will satisfy your needs. If you live in Alexandria, VA, contact us today!

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